My Favorite Photo of 2010

Hello everyone…Hope you all have had a great 26 days of 2011. My biggest new years resolution was to start blogging. I have made this resolution every year since 2006 without any follow through. I am proud to announce that 2011 will be different! I am finally writing my first blog post and am happy to report that I am going to update this blog at least twice a week.

For my first blog post I wanted to share a photo of one of the sweetest most adorable little girls. Her name is Marli and her smile just melts your heart. I have the privilege of photographing her many time throughout the year and it just so happens that one of her photos was also my favorite photo of 2010.

The photo was captured while her Dad was trying to get her to smile. All he had to do was hold her hand and use his high pitch voice to make her laugh. She responded by giving him one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen from a child to a parent. It’s a look only a child could give, a smile that speaks so much louder than any words she could say to him. I know he is probably her hero, but after seeing that way she looked at him it became all that much clearer.

Treasure your children at this age. They grow up in the blink of an eye and it’s over. Thankfully we have photos like these to remind us of the amazing love between a little girl and her Daddy!

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January 26, 2011 - 6:28 pm Zach Bates - Awesome photo Brian! My wife and I have your gorgeous photos up all over the house. They bring a smile to my face daily. Thanks for the superb work and your tireless professionalism.

January 26, 2011 - 6:30 pm Sally McGloughlin - Gorgeous photo Brian! Thank you again for photographing Julia and Addison. Rick and I love looking through the albums you put together for us and all our guests comment about the beauty of your photos on our mantle. Glad to see you're finally blogging! We've been waiting for this!

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